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Luxurious living room with exquisite chandelier in a Napa Valley vacation rental


Short-term vacation rentals are a popular means for families and friends to stay connected. Vacation rentals offer a wide range of benefits over traditional hotel stays, including increased privacy, more space, and a more authentic and immersive travel experience.

One of the primary reasons families and friends choose to stay in short-term vacation rentals is the opportunity to spend quality time together in a more comfortable and relaxed setting. Unlike hotels, which can be crowded and noisy, vacation rentals offer the opportunity to create a home away from home. With separate bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens, families and friends can enjoy each other’s company while still having their own space to relax and unwind.

Short-term vacation rentals usually cost much less than if four couples traveling together have to reserve four hotel rooms, especially in resort markets like Napa Valley! Families and friends can often save on meal costs, Wi-Fi, resort fees, and laundry charges.

Traveling with children, and families renting vacation homes, can be especially appealing as many offer cribs, high chairs, and toys, which can help make traveling with young children much easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, vacation rentals often offer more space for children to play and explore, as well as outdoor spaces like yards or decks where children can safely play and enjoy the fresh air.
With their unique blend of comfort, affordability, and local immersion, vacation rentals offer a travel experience that is truly unlike any other. Whether you’re traveling with your family, your friends, or a combination of the two, a short-term vacation rental could be the perfect way to create lasting memories and strengthen your relationships.
Luxurious bedroom and bath tub with stunning views in Napa Valley vacation rental.

Experience the Mayastoga Difference

Mayastoga Luxury Rental Properties is the premier luxury vacation rental company in Napa Valley.

What sets Mayastoga apart from other vacation rental companies is that our properties are exclusive and individually selected by the owners of Mayastoga.

We pride ourselves on creating high-end experiences for our clients with our in-house concierge service where we offer unique, memorable, wine-country experiences highlighting the local culture.

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