Luxury Extended Stay Rentals

Immerse Yourself in the Napa Valley Lifestyle

Extend Your Stay…


Looking for a longer get-away for a month or six or more? Our extended stay guests enjoy living in one of our luxury properties because it allows them to more fully enjoy all the beauty, culture, and history that Wine Country has to offer.

Explore more of the local and boutique wineries, take part in myriad special events throughout the year, and fully immerse yourself in the Wine Country lifestyle that one can only get in the world-famous Napa Valley!

Luxurious enclosed porch of a Calistoga Valley vacation rental, featuring elegant hanging rattan chairs and scenic views of surrounding trees.

Relax and Stay a While…

Are you looking to experience the Wine Country for a longer period of time? Maybe you’re considering owning your own home in Wine Country but want to rent for a while prior to buying. Maybe you’re searching for a summer escape from the heat and humidity of so many other areas around the country. Whatever your reason,  Mayastoga’s luxury properties are the perfect answer. Our spacious and luxurious accommodations are designed to make you feel at home, allowing you to stay a while and fully unwind.

Experience the beauty of Calistoga's vineyards as you relax in four comfortable Adirondack chairs at our luxury vacation rental.
A picturesque scene featuring a bicycle with a Ross Ranch name plate on the back of the seat, accompanied by a loyal black lab sitting on the front steps, overlooking breathtaking vineyards and majestic mountains.

Home Away From Home…

Luxury homes are becoming a popular choice for extended vacations because they offer more privacy and personal space, and they often have additional amenities such as outdoor spaces, game rooms, and pools that provide more comfort and enjoyment, especially if you are traveling with family or friends.

With fully equipped gourmet kitchens, large comfortable living spaces, and gorgeous views, our extended-stay luxury homes offer a luxurious vacation experience that is more comfortable, private, and tailored to your needs than staying in a hotel.

Napa Valley offers a variety of destinations, each with their own distinctive profile.


Overhead view of Napa Valley, a luxurious vacation destination known for its breathtaking landscapes, vineyards, and charming town.

Napa is the largest city in the Napa Valley, and it offers a mix of urban sophistication and wine-country charm. This vibrant city has a lively downtown area with numerous restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.


Yountville Marketplace: Exquisite Ivy Covered Building in Napa Valley

Yountville is a picturesque town in the heart of the Napa Valley known for its exceptional restaurants and tasting rooms. Despite its small size, Yountville boasts a wide variety of Michelin-starred restaurants and renowned wineries, making it a food and wine lover’s paradise.

St. Helena

Explore the charming shopping stores in St. Helena, Napa Valley - an exquisite experience with luxury vacation rentals.

St. Helena is a quaint and historic town in the heart of the Napa Valley, surrounded by vineyards and mountains. An affluent place to live, St. Helena is more a shopping destination than any other town in Napa Valley.


Indulge in luxury shopping in Calistoga, Napa Valley, amidst charming storefronts.

In the northern reaches of Napa
Valley, Calistoga is a small town with a very “authentic” experience. Laid-back and relaxed, its also known for its hot mineral springs. Visitors can enjoy budget-friendly spas or indulge in a 5-star resort treatment.